What We Do

What We Do

Help Consumers

When you provide loans to your customers, you’re creating insurance buyers with every loan. Before any transaction is complete, you require the customer to provide proof of insurance on whatever product they’re buying. With Insuritas LoanINSURE, we deliver free no obligation insurance quotes to every borrower before they close.

Fuel Fee Income

Sell the insurance products 100% of your customers buy from someone every year, all without buying or building your own insurance agency. Not only will you provide predictable ROI, RAROC, and IRR, but your agency will increase customer retention and deepen connections, as well as increase barriers to competitve incursions from your peers.

Bundle Products

One way to increase retention rates is to help your customer buy more financial products in one place. Our SmartCART technology allows for your customer to shop for and buy ALL of their insurance through your agency. Our technology enables you to provide the customer with a WOW experience every time so they keep coming back.

Turn-key Approach

With Insuritas, you don’t need to worry about hiring any insurance agents to place within your financial institution. All of our agents are licensed in all 50 states and your customers will never know that they are purchasing insurance from anyone but you. When our agents pick up the phone they answer as if they work in one of your branches and provide them with the same trusted experience they have come to expect out of you.

Data Analytics

With our IAPPEX platform and online digital dashboards, you and your leadership team get to see real-time data on how many visits, clicks, and purchases your agency is driving every minute of every day. Our technology shows you how your success compares to your growth plans, as well as compared to your peer financial institutions. IAPPEX received an Innovation of the Year Award for driving same-store sales of insurance to our partner’s customers.

Seamless Integration

Offering insurance products across your market and across all of your distribution channels is a challenging task. We create an agency entirely in your brand that you own – from email and billing to an award-winning web portal, all with the same look and feel of your brand across all of your channels. This integration between your products and ours is built on the trusted name that you have created and is what will keep your customers coming back.